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Something Cool: A Cher Doll Compilation

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On Something Cool: A Cher Doll Compilation, Cher Doll Records showcased 20 of indie pop's most playful acts. The disc begins with the edgy "Parris Song" by Snow*Boy. Los Angeles' Rizzo quickly adds a feminine perspective to the pop collection, their voices prominently displayed on the radiant "Allie." The Autocollants' slyly cool "Apple Vines" centers around Laura Watling's soft vocals, while Sukpatch offers their dance beats on the groovy "Loaded Stinking Fimo." Houston's Schrasj contributed the sophisticated "American Standard," which is followed by Tullycraft's extraordinary cover of the Magnetic Fields' "Falling out of Love (With You)." The disc prominently features mostly American West Coast bands, pointing to Cher Doll's Seattle roots. Rose Melberg and Gaze add to the disc with "Peeking Shows His Ignorance" from their Mitsumeru album. Incredible Force of Junior's "Decay 'Em" features samples and a majestic guitar line, while "Michigan" by #Poundsign# is one of that band's most summery songs ever, with vocals led by Becky Barron. England's the Lovelies contribute one of the most rousing tracks on the disc with "Weekenderman." The disc ends with Ret & Stare's cover of Six Cents & Natalie's "Boyfriend." In the end, the disc serves as a time capsule of some of indie pop's brightest moments of the 1990s. The disc was released with the help of San Francisco's Darla Records.