Someone's Always Telling You How to Behave

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Someone's Always Telling You finds Chumbawamba somewhere between their Bacchanalian punk band in animal costumes and Tubthumper incarnations. Someone's marks an interesting point of transition for the group: definitely a dance band, but not yet a pop band. In the wake of two national incidents where British pop stars were attacked for being homosexual, Chumbawamba released this record of protest against the pop industry's covert promotion of homophobic culture. Put out, appropriately, on the Agit-Prop label, the record combines lyric and hardcore dance sensibilities. "Behave" features a beautiful, and amusing, chorus about brainwashing children, with a voice that lists pop and rock stars who show the marked influence of gay culture (Stones, Bowie, etc.). It's backed up with the equally beautiful track "Misbehave," which proves Chumbawamba could write a serious hook. Ouch!