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Something of a purist, electro-progressive Daniel Myer forms a new project for each of his musical voices no matter how minute the difference. The wide fan base that this attracts may be polarized by Solaris, released under the project name of Cleaner.

Myer's mainstay project, haujobb, is known for its experimental or challenging electronic sensibilities, but Solaris shows that the Cleaner project is not that. Instead, Myer's focus is on a more accessible EBM (Electric Body Music) slant, grafting smooth synths and melodies built in layers. Not necessarily a club album, Solaris is nonetheless energetic and keeps the pace moving. At most points in Solaris, Myer shows that even his conventional EBM has more complexity and depth than some similar acts. "Gattaca" builds slowly from a piano refrain into anthemic electro, and "Neuromancer" sets a dancefloor pace initially but is in a constant flux of buildup and release. Solaris is also peppered with the delicate constructions and an atmospheric edginess that most of Myer's projects share. Also like other Myer projects, Cleaner mixes the tone and jumps fluidly between dance energy and more reflective arrangements (such as "Harey").

Solaris is not a release of consistent high points, however, and some tracks do not quite hit the same mark. Straightforward synth progressions in "Mimoid" or "Raster" don't engage quite like the tracks before it, and tend to recede into the background of the release. This is less a case of blemish on the release than a sense of opportunity lost, knowing where else Myer could have taken these.

Solaris may not provide the depth of other Myer acts, and at some points it shows, but this does not seem the aim of the Cleaner project. Solaris is a suite of accomplished and well-realized EBM tracks that provides a direct energy whilst still harnessing enough complexity, along with Myer's trademark sounds, to compel.

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