The Ritchie Whites

Snitches Get Stitches

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AllMusic Review by Brian O'Neill

Austin-based punkers the Ritchie Whites rekindle memories of the days when if you said you were in a punk band, everyone knew exactly what you meant, as the genre was unfettered with sub-branches and fiefdoms which detracted from the point. The band's singer, Chris Curse , sounds like a combination of Glenn Danzig and Pegboy's Larry Damore, and the songs are smart but not snooty and emotional but (thankfully) far from emo. His powerful and distinctive vocals are layered atop beguiling riffs that never get too appealing to temper the heaviness and a solid, if unobtrusive, rhythm section. Tracks such as "The Color of Blood" and especially disc-opener "Portions of the Whole" are intense, yet never threaten to over-saturate the senses, a sign of the band having ample confidence in being able to do the little things that the Ritchie Whites dole out as naturally as breathing right. A catchy homage to the glory of punk rock in all its forms, Snitches Get Stitches is an excellent debut one hopes doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Whether the best thing about punk in your eyes is the nihilistic white noise or the catchy pop of punk's two extremes, the Ritchie Whites will put a smile on your face. It doesn't come close to a half-hour long, so play it twice in a row.

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