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Skybird Review

by Dave Thompson

The post-"Tie a Yellow Ribbon" hangover was really beginning to bite when Skybird was released in late 1975. Just two years had elapsed since Dawn were, arguably, the biggest pop group in the land; just 12 months since their TV series was among the most-watched shows in America. But Skybird was a turkey from beginning to end, their worst performing album since their oddly undersold sophomore set, and, in truth, a stark warning of the dangers of complacency. There's at least a handful of excellent performances here -- "It's All in the Game" is tender, "Personality" is chirpy, and "Dance to the Music" is energetic. But Dawn records were all becoming much of a sameness by now and, without a serious hit single to set the ball rolling (the title track barely scratched the Top 50) Skybird was doomed. The end was nigh.