Arvind Parikh


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On this disc, Arvind Parikh performs two ragas, the first of his own devising, which he calls "Raga Gunji Kauns" It combines elements of both the "Raga Malgunji" and the "Raga Malkauns" but strives not to be an imitation of either. Time will tell whether this original work will join the majority of modern ragas on the remainder tables of Indian musical history or whether it will rise to the status of a classic. Slow movements are supposed to be Arvind Parikh's specialty but that of the "Raga Gunji Kauns" seemed to lack the poetry of the best ones. The second, med-paced movement was well put together and interesting. The two concluding fast movements are short, quick to develop, and engaging. The second piece, "Raga Pilu," is technically not a raga but a "fragrance," because it is not performed in its pure form anymore. This may be musicological hairsplitting, however. In any case the alap (the slow section of the first movement) meanders a bit, but the fast movements are brisk and purposeful. Sitar is worthwhile for collectors.