Singles Collection [DVD]

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For a group that was widely condemned (or otherwise) in the early days for lifting so many ideas from old Genesis records, Marillion very quickly established an identity of their own, not only equaling but occasionally even surpassing their former idols. And they did it with video. While Genesis never truly came to grips with the medium, releasing a mere handful of vids that you'd want to watch again and again, Marillion became masters of the form, working with both straightforward performance footage and some phenomenal fantasy notions to document a strain of eccentricity that too few bands are sufficiently unselfconscious to genuinely mine. Highlights include the almost slapstick "Market Square Heroes," the hilarious "Garden Party," and the aptly titled "Beautiful," while a chance is also provided to reevaluate videos that the bandmembers themselves have since dismissed. "Assassing" is a lot more enjoyable than their interviews let on! Drawn only from the eight albums that Marillion cut during their first stint with EMI, Singles Collection can only be viewed as the first volume of the band's overall video catalog. But it's a winner regardless.