The Rolling Stones

Singles 1965-1967

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The second installment in ABKCO's series of box sets containing CD replicas of the Rolling Stones' singles and EPs, Singles 1965-1967 covers the classic period between "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and "In Another Land," the time when the Stones started to reach beyond their hard blues base, and created some of their most indelible music. Like the previous box, Singles 1963-1965, each of the group's British and American singles and EPs are represented, reproduced in paper sleeves and pressed on all-black CDs designed to look like a 45. Where that set had some rarities -- including the first release of such classic EPs as The Rolling Stones, 5 X 5, and Got Live If You Want It! -- every cut on this box has been on CD before (all showed up on the triple-disc The Singles Collection: The London Years) and there is a slight tweaking of history here, with certain singles (like "Satisfaction," "Get Off of My Cloud," and "Paint It, Black") containing both the American and British B-sides. This may upset some purists, but it's a clever, efficient way to cover this ground; plus, even with the added song these discs run well under ten minutes, so it's a nice bonus that beefs up the discs slightly and makes them more listenable. Of course, this isn't designed for listenability in the first place, since changing the 11 discs is cumbersome, even with a multi-disc player -- it's really a set to look at and admire, to gaze at each of the picture sleeves. But, if they're listened to a disc at a time, it does reveal what a splendid singles band the Rolling Stones were. There has never been a single as snide and cynical as "Satisfaction" backed by "The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man," while there has never been one as nasty and antisocial as "Paint It, Black" b/w "Stupid Girl," and their rebel reputation was cemented by "Get Off of My Cloud" b/w "I'm Free." These are revelations that this set makes clear through its singles replicas, and it helps make this set a necessary purchase for the hardcore.

Track Listing - Disc 4

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1 03:58 Spotify
2 03:01 Spotify

Track Listing - Disc 6

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1 02:47
2 03:09

Track Listing - Disc 8

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1 03:27
2 03:13

Track Listing - Disc 9

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1 04:38
2 03:47

Track Listing - Disc 10

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1 04:12
2 04:44

Track Listing - Disc 11

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1 02:53
2 04:25
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