Zip Code Rapists

Sing and Play the Three Doctors and Other Sounds of Today

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On the cover of the Zip Code Rapists' 1992 vinyl-only debut, Sing and Play the Three Doctors and Other Sounds of Today, it states "you won't believe the sound you hear -- it's great." This is the type of stuff that will clear a party in one minute flat, or will offend just about everybody in hearing distances. The worst record of all time? It's definitely up there, but that's what the Zip Code Rapists are known for -- seeing how far they can push their audience before they can't take it anymore. Most of the record sounds like it was made up on the spot, and is excruciatingly hard to take. Look no further than the opening cover of the Doors' classic "Touch Me" for the proof. Combining studio material ("President's Song") with live material (the whole second side); it shows that the duo excels in neither environment. The in-concert selections contain some truly horrible between-song banter, fitting their musical style perfectly. For those who appreciated Lou Reed's non-commercial noisefest Metal Machine Music, here's a record that'll give Lou a run for his money.