Bunny Brains

Sin Gulls 1988-1998

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Though the Box the Bunny set that came out on Narnack would seem to be the be-all end-all of the early years of the Bunny Brains, Dan Bunnybrain and his various associates and/or minions had plenty of singles-only efforts that had been previously collected on Sin Gulls, providing an equally memorable peek into the enjoyably deranged world of the band. Inhabiting a zone where punk, trash, metal and noise don't so much co-exist or overlap as simply engage in rough and sticky genetic interchange, Bunny Brains hit the ground running with the yelped rumble of "For You I'd Kill" (with one of the most drawn out vocal falsettos ever). From there the compilation, running from 1988 to 1998, wends a very woozy but entertaining way over a decade's worth of enjoyable strangeness. In some cases, the song titles are so perfect the music itself almost seems secondary -- what else to say when reading the words "GG's Dead (And I'm Not Feeling Too Good Myself)," "Creeping Round Yer Window" and above all else "How Am I Supposed To Tell You I Love You (When Your Dick's Stuffed in My Mouth?)" But it's hardly just about that, and part of the beauty of Bunny Brains is the rough-and-ready anthem in spite of itself -- songs like "Wilderness" and "You Got It Coming" may never top charts, but that's the charts' problem. Other songs are definitely in their own world, though -- "I'm Obsessed with My Looks" starts out as a first person account of being a supermodel (perhaps) that would go down perfectly well in a John Waters film. The liner notes are their own mishmash of entertainment, with a photo collage of history and various scrawled flyers amidst the various recording details and memories. Wryest effort: "T. Ohnny/Onic Outh (AM Holland Tunnel Mix)," both sides of their 1994 single, saluting a certain well-known NYC band and one of their protégés (not to mention O. J. Simpson).