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V/Vm's Sick-Love is an endlessly disturbing flange-and-destroy journey through the realm of 1980s Top 40 love songs. Imagine Chris de Burgh's "Lady in Red" reprogrammed and aurally destroyed by DJ Edgar Allen Poe, because that's what V/Vm's "The Lady in Red (Is Dancing With Meat)" sounds like. V/Vm adds new vocals or distorts existing vocals until they're frighteningly pungent and almost unrecognizable. Showy dance beats and jolly disco effects appear now and then to lull the listener into a groove, and then everything slows to a growl and becomes the stuff of nightmares. Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Arexx" has never sounded as ominous and revolting as it does here. An otherworldly buzz serves as the backing track, a freaky saxophone spills distorted notes into the air, and the vocals are so growling as to be maddening. "Take My Beef Away" is a revolting homage to Berlin's dreamy ballad that seems to emerge from the pits of hell. Indeed, Sick-Love is a concept album that seems generated by a demon. Consider it a sonic thesis that reveals the dirty underbelly of syrupy sweet love songs. It's a fascinating and disturbing 50 minutes of first-class sonic thievery and manipulation, though it's hard to say that it's an experience one would want to return to with great frequency.

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