Mucky Pup

Short Attention Span

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While the music of this veteran New Jersey quartet is a sharp mix of banging rock & roll with zip-punk smack, it's the lyrics that still make Mucky Pup (named after the old English punk song the Exploited used to cover?) stand out on this teaser 7" of two songs from their seventh LP, 5 Guys in a Really Hot Garage. Finally, a song with reasoned criticism of the troubling byproduct of passive, lowest common denominator American culture led by mind-numbing TV. "I've got a short attention span," burps singer Chris Milnes. "Keep it simple/'Cause I can't deal with complication," he pleads, as he leads to his larger point about what he calls the "Velveeta Generation": "America is the drive-through nation, everybody's got their own television station/The kids can't read/The kids can't spell...." And intelligent debate goes to hell, as our minds turn to mush....