Shio, Kosho [Bonus Tracks] [Limited Edition Type B]

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Greeeen has made a name (and a massive career) for themselves with a characteristic blend of carefree styling and uptempo pop songs that mix off-key warbling with fairly tight rap interludes. Shio, Kosho is no exception to their streak on those grounds. The album opens up with an interesting techno take on their sound in Hikari, mixing their vocals with some additional Autotune and a strong electro-string beat that works surprisingly well. Kuchibue could have been a lost Boowy song just as easily as Greeeen's, and their influences start to show fairly clearly as they move through it. There are some intriguing movements toward chanted vocals (a la Tacica) in Ayumi, and a dose of the tropical in Hallelujah, a mishmash of various beach aesthetics and high-speed rap bits that never quite coalesces, but seems to take joy in its chaos. There's a lull in the middle of the album as the band moves into their usual territory, but there's a surprise on the way to the end with Sora he no Tegami, which uses some more traditional melodies in its presentation, nods to folk ballads not heard in standard J-Pop. The album is fairly straightforward by most standards, a rehash of sorts of what Greeeen does. The key though is that they do it well, and fans and newcomers alike are extremely unlikely to be disappointed.