Adam Sandler

Shhh...Don't Tell

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Almost five years after the mediocre Stan and Judy's Kid, Adam Sandler returns with a winning set of sophomoric potty humor. Recycling the structure of every Sandler album before it -- minus the songs-only What's Your Name -- Shhh...Don't Tell bounces between songs and sketches but the vulgarity has been kicked up a notch. It's a great move considering that the on-screen Sandler has been venturing into Jimmy Stewart territory. There'll be none of that here, as Sandler introduces listeners to the proud "Mayor of Pu**ytown," a man named "Timmy Tinyhole" who can't impress his friends with his puny flatulence, and a "Gay Robot" that just happens to be a master of football statistics ("The Eagles will win in three. Now can I grab your butt?"). "Secret" is the highlight with its Euro-disco ode to men who worry about their bikini lines too much. The bumbling character Pibb is a one-trick pony the album could have had a little less of, but fans have been waiting for Sandler to come back to this absurd and low-brow style of humor for too long. The characters on Shhh...Don't Tell are hardly the sweetheart Mr. Deeds was, and the album is all the funnier because of it.

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