The Martian

Sex in Zero Gravity

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While the two B-side tracks function best as examples of the two stylistic tendencies common to most Red Planet releases, the A-side's "Sex in Zero Gravity" stands as one of the more unique pieces in the company's catalog. Its unique style can most likely be attributed to Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes, who is given mixing credit. It still retains the rhythmic combination of high-hat percussion and a subtle bassline, as well as the oscillating 303-style riff common to Red Planet. However, the song also includes some nice melodies quite uncommon to the label -- melodies that don't sound syncopated but rather spontaneous, as if the Martian were actually jamming on his cosmic synthesizer while recording. On the B-side, "Ultraviolet Images" follows the same template as "Stardancer" from the preceding record in the Red Planet catalog, Cosmic Movement, retaining a pulsing bassline, frantic high-hat percussion, and phasing synthesizer tones, making it sound almost exactly -- perhaps a bit too much -- like "Stardancer." The second song on the B-side, "808 Degrees (Surface Temperature Mix)," takes a more traditional approach to techno with its Roland 808 electro-rhythms and 303 acid lines, along with some Martian-style synthesizers to give it a trademark feel.