Frank Cotolo

Seven Squared

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Frank Cotolo has a very different sound on the pop/rock Seven Squared when compared to his new age release, Francois Couteau. Song structure is still rather complex but more focus is placed on lyrics. "Too Much Amphibians" finds Frank Cotolo laying down some signature psychedelic keyboard work blended into some young boy's lyrical manifestations. On "Lazy" there is a great deal that comes from the Beatles' school of music. Slightly bordering on early psychedelic song structure, while mainly consisting of a solid pop groove, makes this an interesting piece. "Angry Young Lad" is an interesting pop/rock ballad that features a charismatic melody and a unique beat. The vocals have a gritty quality that works well with the structure of the song, having a powerful presence and a clear magnetism. "Fear" has a fine blend of Queen-like dynamics in the vocals and sharply contrasting instrumental work that has a "soundtrack" depth that works with the theme of the song. With the anthem-like introduction on "Good for Nothing," one expects a British explosion-style number and that is exactly what one gets to experience. "Thunder" easily falls into a rock-salsa style with a Latin beat. "It's Often Gotta Be That Way" is an attractive a cappella piece that has layered vocals that come directly from the Brian Wilson school of excellence. Creative insertion of the "News Bulletin" segment adds some humor to the piece, though it does take away from the flow of the melody. The album closes with a tune, "January," that has a Beatlesque feel that has also appeared in other pieces on the album. Sixties-style rock & roll appears to be a formula that Frank Cotolo works by. As they say, if something works, why mess with it, and Frank Cotolo has found a winning formula.