Seven Is a Jolly Good Time


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Seven Is a Jolly Good Time Review

by Dave Thompson

With Egg's posthumous renown rooted solely in the brief (pre-Egg) membership of Steve Hillage, and the career-long residency of Dave Stewart, interest in their back catalog was largely archaeological when this compilation first appeared. One listen, however, swiftly sent an entire generation scurrying for the handful of highly priced original albums that rattled around the collectors' market, as Egg were revealed to be among the most inventive prog rock acts of the entire late-'60s and early-'70s era. Titled for the band's one and only single, which itself was named for the time signature in which the song was played, Seven Is a Jolly Good Time is, in fact, basically a reissue of the band's 1970 self-titled debut album, appended by both the title track and its non-album B-side "You Are All Princess." But still, its appearance was a boon for anybody anxious to find out more about this most intriguing chapter in the tale of Canterbury Rock. Still an enjoyable listen today, this particular package has since been superseded by Eclectic's most thorough overhaul of Egg's entire Decca era, with their reissue of this same album further bolstered by the inclusion of the full-length "Symphony #2" (the originally issued version was cut for fear of copyright problems).