Billy Sprague

Serious Fun

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This album by inconsequential Christian Contemporary singer Billy Sprague is absolutely devoid of musical creativity, opting for an extraordinarily bland pop/rock sound that conforms to every dull pop music cliché known to man. To compensate, he poured considerable creative energy into his record jacket. The front cover features a photo of Sprague in connect-the-dot clothes. Which is a little silly, but not nearly as irritating as the back cover which requires listeners to complete a Word Search puzzle ("Billy's Search for Serious Fun") in order to be able to decipher the track listings. The puzzle also asks fans to identify Sprague's two favorite brands of ice cream, the make of vehicle he drives, four leading characters from his favorite TV show, five of his "favorite hip expressions," and the name of his deceased cat. The lyrics, by an assortment of CCM work horses like Wayne Kirkpatrick, Chris Eaton, and Chris Rodriguez, are almost as gimmicky as the jacket. One song, "YMISIM," is like Prince spelling gone haywire. The chorus, "IMSIM FIMLIC but FURLIC IC IMSUR" is meant to be translated to "I am as I am if I am all I see but if you are all I see I see I am as you are." The record jacket is entirely suitable for young children, but unfortunately Sprague did not conceive this as a kid's album. The music is liable to bore them even more than it bores you.