Bubblegum Screw


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If Bubblegum Screw were from Melbourne, they'd slot with 100 great down-under bruisers whose grandparents were the MC5's Back in the USA and the Stooges, and whose parents were Radio Birdman and the 1976 Ramones' buzzsaw sustain. It's similar high-octane, quick-firing, down 'n' dirty punk 'n' roll thrills -- only from Albion. Frontman Mark Thorn's raspy throat is equal parts D Generation's Jesse Malin, Dictators' Handsome Dick Manitoba, Birdman's Rob Younger, and Mr. Hoarse, Stiv Bators -- caged rats busting loose to the beat. But the hub is his band's proto-punk, ballsy, slinging, Chuck Berry-on-speed slamarama, like a nuevo Saints, Only Alternative, or Pagans with Johnny Thunders' leads. Screwphoria is a 14-song, 50-minute, big-boot kick up the backside. Wham!