Anubis Rising

Scales of Truth [EP]

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2002's Scales of Truth EP may well have been Anubis Rising's finest hour, the closest their epic-length songwriting (its three tracks average nine minutes and dozens of different passages and mood swings) came to setting them apart from dominating progressive metal superpowers like Neurosis and Isis. Alas, not close enough to stop them from breaking up in obscurity a couple years later, but for passionate supporters of cult metal, there's definitely something to look forward to here. "Personification of Time" grows slowly into an a cycling, hypnotic melody, broken up by fits of straight-up staccato assaults; "Extinguishing the Shadow-Realm" inverts the program with echo-laden notes slicing through miles and miles of intense riffing; and "Crook and Flail" mingles dark psychedelic licks, layered sheets of harmonies, and near-black metal outbursts. OK, so except for the dominant use of shredded throat shrieks (also very black metal) nothing here adds much to the extant trance metal handbooks, proving that Anubis Rising's sorry lot wasn't that unfair after all.