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SaskieWoxi Review

by François Couture

Behind the moniker CD_Slopper hide Oswald Berthold and Florian Hecker, the duo Hecker & Ost, also of Farmers' Manual. SaskieWoxi is a 37-minute suite split into 44 untitled tracks. The CD has been marketed as a DJ tool, but it really remains a piece of experimental music. Clicks, glitches, drones, swooshes, altered voices, and strange samples coalesce to form a suite reminiscent of Avatar's two Compost CDs: audio garbage recycling. But the Québecois collective used bits of analog recordings, while CD_Slopper mostly concentrates on the digital world, even though an acoustic instrument (guitar, violin) appears here and there, heavily sampled of course. This is the kind of record that leaves you puzzled and incapable of deciding if you like it or not -- that is, if you are receptive to experimental music.