Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band

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It is because of people like this that the future of Cajun music is secure, and this is because they have built a solid foundation from the past. They have researched the past, they know the whys and "where fors" of their heritage and its music. Because this is so solidly rooted in not just the past music but the intention of the people that made the music, it becomes a bridge to the future. It is a tribute to these three musicians that this disc has a life of its own and is not just an empty technical reproduction of the traditional music. Each of these musicians has a life of his own and interests outside of this group and this is one of the forces that creates the vibrancy in this disc. Marc Savoy has been a long acknowledged master of Cajun traditions and music, particularly the accordion, and his house is famous as a site of Cajun gathering and jams. Ann Savoy has a wonderful book, Cajun Music: A Reflection of a People, is a vital part of the Magnolia Sisters, and a wonderful guitar player. Michael Doucet is one of the driving forces behind Beausoleil, and a fiddle player, who not only is considered one of the finest traditional fiddlers, but also one of the most innovative. To take a sample listen to what is done to the traditional tune by Aldus Roger, "Mardi Gras Jig," listen to the melding of tradition and innovation. A true tour de force that will leave you dancing, grinning, and marveling at the joy transmitted in the music.

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