The Jaynetts

Sally Go 'Round the Roses

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A rare album that sells for at least a C-note if you can find a copy. The haunting title track, its successor "Keep an Eye on Her," and "Dear Abby" are the centerpieces. "Abby," credited to the Hearts, is a strange but effective innocent teen number that got it share of spins; the Hearts seek the advice of columnist Dear Abby and threaten to go outside and eat worms if their hearts aren't soothed. The Jaynettes sang on the Hearts' recordings and vice versa. Producer Abner Specter used whoever to achieve that sound, and singers like Baby Washington constantly dropped by. Also decent are "Seesaw," "One Track Mind," "Pick up My Marbles," and "Archie's Melody." There's also a popular instrumental of "Sally"; Spector hated wasting good cuts as B-sides so he used instrumentals and captioned them: "Sing Along Without the Jaynettes" or "Sing Along Without the Hearts," a very popular concept back in the day.