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Rockin' and Boppin'

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If Bear Family Records is the gold standard for reissues of music from the original rockabilly era, then Buffalo Bop occupies the second tier, and Collector Records the third. Like Buffalo Bop, Collector masters indie and vanity label recordings from vinyl for the benefit of insatiable fans of rockabilly and early rock & roll, but Collector's quality control is much more uneven. The fidelity is often poor, and some inclusions seem so marginal they smack of filler. One unique thing about Collector's compilations, though, is that they often present both sides of singles, which might satisfy some people's curiosity as to what's on the flip of, say, Richie Deran's "Girl and a Hot Rod," which has been anthologized many more times than its reverse, "Little Willie." Rockin' and Boppin' features the A- and B-sides of about a half-dozen singles, as well as several mid-'60s country recordings by Lyle Collins. The compilation is all over the place in terms of style, from straight country to hot rod rock to teen ballads. The vinyl transfers aren't great, and it doesn't help that many of these singles were poorly recorded to begin with. "Flamingo Rock," an instrumental credited to Lyle Collins, is actually an Ellis Kirk single that features Collins on guitar, and the Carl Smith who leads the compilation is not the country star of the same name.