Roar! Lion

Roar! Lion/The Beach Birds [Split EP]

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AllMusic Review by Mike DaRonco

A gentle innocence of loosely structured pop is present throughout the side from Roar Lion, featuring a female-fronted slop of drums, keyboards, and guitars. The obvious hint that no one in Roar Lion knows how to play their instruments only subtracts from their already minimal quality. As for the flip of the Beach Birds, a side project for the normally abrasive Prima Donnas, there's not a single moment of seriousness in either of their songs. The synthesizer runs thickly as a cheap array of digital cellos accompany the shaky, goofy dual vocals. The result is a lo-fi pop package that's more annoying than laughable; the Beach Birds come across as a poor man's version of Ween or They Might Be Giants.