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Ricochentrance Review

by AllMusic

Experimental sound artist Akifumi Nakajima can claim an unusually diligent method of operation; while creating each new Aube opus, he limits himself to a single sound source. His memorable resources have included medical scanners, heat lamps, glass, heart sounds, and even a Bible. Metal and water have proven favorite sources, and Nakajima returns to these elements often.

Water is the sound source for RICOCHETENTRANCE, a well-woven tapestry of wet and sopping sounds. Aube recordings can be unsparingly harsh, but this entry in the Amplexus label's beautifully packaged Lunar series is among Nakajima's more moderate and meditative works. Impressions are limited only by your imagination. "Move From Drop" may find you groping for direction under the leaking roof of a labyrinth or imprisoned in a coffeemaker on your kitchen counter. The wonderful, winding "Entrance" simulates gamelan with a sampling of watery sounds. Echoed drips, trickles, and splashes create the rhythmic structure and naturalistic detail of "Ricochet" and "Flow Into Foam," harrowing journeys into the dark, dank heart of ancient caverns, while "After the Stream" evolves into a primitive-sounding ritual for the invocation of water spirits.