Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift/Night Shift

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Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift/Night Shift compiles the two albums E-40 released on March 30, 2010. On the first 19 songs, Revenue Retrievin’: Day Shift finds the Bay veteran sticking more closely to his comfort zone and making songs about what he knows: the streets. Packed with diss-tracks (“B*tch,” featuring the originator of the term “beeotch,” Too Short), cautionary tales of running drugs (“I’ma Teach Ya How to Sell Dope," "The Weedman"), and stories about gangbanging (“The Art of Story Tellin’,” “Duck”), the raw content is perfectly fitting for the sparse production. E-40 returns to his roots with a grimy sound and roomy kick-snare beats -- courtesy of Rick Rock, Willy Will, and E-40’s son, Droop-E, among others. A lengthy list of guest contributors pass the mike, including Gucci Mane, B-Legit, Mike Marshall, Suga T, J. Valentine, Stressmatic, and Snoop Dogg. It’s a sprawling lot of material, and E-40’s wordplay is as unrestrained and provocative as ever. The second half is similar, but concentrates on songs for the clubs. As an old-timer (who has proudly served over 20 years in the rap game), it’s a stretch to hear E-40 out on the dancefloor, spitting Luther Campbell-style pickup lines “Make that booty earthquake…left cheek, right cheek, let me see it vibrate” (“Show Me What U Workin’ Wit’”), but he makes it work, even without the help of Lil Jon. The slow-moving (practically screwed) “Over the Stove,” comically profane “Ahhhh Sh*t!,” and catchy “Feelin’ Right Now” are highlights that time-travel back to his thumping early work. “Spend the Night” is the most drastic departure, and a successful one at that, tying together Björk samples and hood swagger with a buttery hook. Fans of hard, sparse beats and hyphy drawl will find a lot to like here.