Revenge Of The Fishlips

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Philippine punk/alternative band Keltscross released their debut album Revenge of the Fishlips in 1996. The five young female members consist of a vocalist, two guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer. The band's raw-edged guitar sound is often fast and noisy, and one can hear a powerful, heavy metal approach in some songs as well. Sometimes it seems the music is noisy just for the sake of noise, and the band has little regard for melody and subtleness. Songs such as the industrial "Cool," for example, contains much dissonance and thrashing guitar work.

Other times, the band's hardcore approach supports a somewhat catchy tune, and the result can be interesting, as heard in "I Know" and "Crabs." "Johnny Look Twice" begins on tender acoustic guitar and then becomes a guitar blitzkrieg, the guitars moving in rapid motion. "Slit Chant" has a menacing, reverb-drenched sound, while "Pains and Fears" is purposely dissonant and threatening, as the guitars march towards a hardcore/metal conclusion. The music of Revenge of the Fishlips is purposely anti-commercial, and "Wedding Song" is similarly menacing, often screeching with dissonance.

The females exhibit a defiant attitude here, which is just as important as the music. The band attempts some tenderness on "Bye Bye Baby," and a serene cello is heard while the vocalist sings in an exaggerated high-pitched voice. "Hot Stream" is a more mainstream rock song and is charming. Revenge of the Fishlips is an interesting, if not totally successful, album.

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