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Revelation Review

by Aaron Badgley

After Ultravox dissolved in 1988 following the very disappointing album U-Vox, Billy Currie created two very interesting and good solo albums. But, in an attempt to revive his career, he teamed up with relatively unknown guitarist/vocalist Tony Fenelle and first created a new version of the classic Ultravox song "Vienna ("Vienna '92") and then created this album with co-producer Rod Gammons. Quite frankly it is not very good. The songs are predictable and in terms of melody offer few if any surprises or thrills. While it is always nice to hear Currie on violin or viola, it is not enough to sustain this whole album. While he does not try to copy Ultravox's classic sound, he does try to be contemporary, which leads one to very dated music. Fenelle's vocals are weak and the lyrics are juvenile at times. This album is a real shame. Had he not used the name Ultravox, it would earn a high grade, but the fact is that he did attempt to attract fans with this cardboard cutout of a once brilliant band.

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