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Most of R. Stevie Moore's Repertoire has a bottom-heavy echoing sound, with acoustic and electronic drums and Moore's fluid bass predominating over the guitars and keyboards. Along with a number of improvisational-feeling, loosely-structured songs, the set also contains several stylistic experiments, ranging from the entertaining "One of the Worst Singers in History," featuring Moore's deliberately caterwauling vocals over a sprightly folk-rock tune that's regularly interrupted by snippets of other, better-known vocalists, to the genuinely brilliant "You Don't Care," an entirely credible rockabilly song with Elvis-style hiccupping vocals which Moore built upon a two-second loop of guitar and drums from a '50s-vintage single which repeats, unchanging, for over four minutes. Other highlights include an early version of "First-Hand" including a dub-influenced instrumental breakdown section, and the creepily atmospheric "Repercussions of Bloodshed," with whispered guest vocals by Moore's then-girlfriend Margaux Ravis. The two-CD reissue of Repertoire also includes the entirety of The Church Session, three lengthy and largely formless instrumental improvisations recorded on March 7, 1983 at the First Presbyterian and Trinity Church in South Orange, New Jersey and originally released as a 60-minute cassette by the R. Stevie Moore Cassette Club.