Remember Me

Sage the Gemini

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Remember Me Review

by David Jeffries

Hook-filled, simple, and sharp, "Gas Pedal" is one of those nasty earworms that gets stuck in the head the first time it's encountered in the club or on radio, plus it comes with a dash of unique cool, which is that full-bodied soul strut California's HBK Gang bring to the table. Iamsu!, Chief, and P-Lo are members of that gang too, but after the 2013 release of "Gas Pedal," HBK member Sage the Gemini winds up first out of the gate with a major-label debut. Good choice too, as here he's overcoming all obstacles and quickly following up an excellent, yet lightweight, hit with a very good party of an album. "Bad Girls" is nothing but a pop-rap stripper anthem that drools over the ladies, and yet it's also something akin to hearing Nate Dogg stone cold macking over cloud rap, so true ballers shouldn't be caught on their night ride without a copy. "College Drop" sounds like Bun B was commissioned to write an anthem for rush week and fielded the hook out to Soulja Boy, while the syrupy and stumbling "Down on Your Luck" sounds like a woozy demo that Future never picked up, and it's his loss. If these cuts sound overly derivative or cookie cutter, know that "Don't You" sounds like a "Gas Pedal" clone dropped just seven cuts after its father, but with a guest list that reads like HBK Gang regulars plus mega-pop star Justin Bieber added to the "Gas Pedal" remix, no one should be expecting any kind of Black Hippy depth, Shadyville-styled hardcore, or Chuck D-pleasing sense of purpose. Back in the day, Remember Me would have been titled Gas Pedal: The Album, so feed off the good times and clever ideas that power this party record because Sage is a great host, juggling familiar and fun with ease.

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