Radium NFO

Released Tracks

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Radium NFO presents themselves as a "drum and jazz and bass band." Add light techno rhythms to cheerful horn licks and funky guitar lines with an extra pinch of Smash Mouth-like vocals to get an idea of the music on Released Tracks. The Czech group of eight musicians has crafted an album up to international standards. The problem is that their blend of light jazz (think George Benson and Chuck Mangione) and radio-friendly drum'n'bass was not an original recipe by far when it was released in 2002. Most of these tracks could very well appear as theme music for any "in" television talk show: cute, harmless, and generic. Only "Létání," with its Czech lyrics, reveals the group's origins. Singer Rybiz is ridden with badly chewed influences from the U.S. Top 40. This short album is comprised of eight pieces (split halfway between songs and instrumentals), plus two remixes (by AF and 1/2, pushing a stronger dancefloor sound). It also contains a CD-ROM portion with the usual bio info and clips, plus a remix disc. It sounds as if the group was so focused on producing a slick album following the perfect recipe that they forgot to pour some personality into the pot.