Wake Up in the Sun

Bernd Kistenmacher

(LP - Bureau B #BB 215LP)

Review by Matt Hargreaves

Bernd Kistenmacher has been around for a few years releasing his early music first on cassettes and then on self produced LPs. Wake Up the Sun is a collection of material released on two prior LPs. Head Visions, released in 1986, is represented by only one track meaning that completists will need to track down the LP to have the music that did not make the transfer to CD. The rest of the CD is the material on the Wake Up the Sun LP. The music is in the Klaus Schulze style but really cannot be thought of as a copy of Schulze. The first track "Cassandra's Dance" represents the late seventies style of electronic music but the piece in its length of 23 minutes shifts it style and sound so much as to be unfocused and rambling. The second track "Joie de vivre" is an upbeat wall of sound that will make almost anybody want to dance. The album is worth it for this track. Track three is like a long march and track four is definitely Space. Fans of the middle period Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze will enjoy this album.

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