Katy Perry

Teenage Dream [The Complete Confection]

(CD - Capitol #CDVZ 3084)

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Blessed with a cheerleader's body, a girl-next-door face, and a drama-club queen's lust for the spotlight, Katy Perry presents herself as a curvy Teenage Dream, the ideal she puts forth on her 2010 sophomore set. Perry doesn’t have great ambitions in mind: all she wants is the spotlight, and she’ll follow the path of others to get there, raising eyebrows à la Alanis, strutting like Gwen Stefani, and relying on Britney’s hitmaker Max Martin for her hooks. There's no question Perry knows all the rules in pop and follows them to the letter: she never breaks away from the expected lite club beats that transition from day to night without a hitch, or the chilly, stainless steel ballads designed to lose none of their luster on repeat plays. Perry acknowledges some shifting trends -- she salutes Ke$ha on "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)," replicates Ryan Tedder’s glassy robotic alienation on "E.T.," and tellingly avoids ripping off Lady Gaga -- but these are merely accents to her One of the Boys palette. Perry is at her best when she’s delivering sleek singles like "Teenage Dream" and "Hummingbird Heartbeat" with efficiency. [The Complete Confection, a 2012 reissue of Teenage Dream, featured three new songs and several remakes, including a version of "E.T" with Kanye West, a version of "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" with Missy Elliott, and an acoustic version of "The One That Got Away," plus a seven-minute Tommy Sunshine megamix of her six chart-topping singles.]

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1 3:47
2 3:50
3 3:55
4 3:48
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6 4:32 Amazon
7 3:47
8 3:26
9 4:08
10 4:08
11 3:32
12 4:01
13 4:19 Amazon
14 3:36 Amazon
15 3:41 Amazon
16 3:44 Amazon
17 3:50 Amazon
18 3:59 Amazon
19 7:03 Amazon
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