Todd Rundgren

Something/Anything? [Deluxe Edition]

(CD - Rhino #75945)

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Twenty-seven years after the album's original release, Rhino assembled Something/Anything? [The Deluxe Edition]. The primary thing that makes this edition deluxe is the addition of selections from his promotional Radio Show from 1972, plus various radio promo spots for the album (previously available on the Japanese Somewhere/Anywhere disc), a demo version of "It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference," and a "reissued single version" of "Wolfman Jack." These bonuses are added to the two discs, but there is a difference in the sequencing of the original album as well. The first three sides are isolated on the first disc under the subheading, "The Studio Recordings, " followed by the radio promos and the alternate versions. The second disc begins with the fourth side, now subtitled "The Group Recordings, " with the selections from the radio show following. Now, it's nice for collectors to get the radio show in good fidelity, even if it doesn't have too many real Rundgren-affiliated rarities -- the biggest ones of note are a live version of "Lady on a Terrace" and Mark "Moogy" Klingman's "Crying in the Sunshine" -- but it has to be said, separating the album in this fashion is jarring. This isn't just for longtime fans who know the record inside out, but for newcomers, since Something/Anything? certainly creates its own atmosphere and it's a jolt to be taken outside of that with bonus tracks, no matter how interesting they are -- especially since three-quarters of the album are on one disc and the remaining quarter feels stranded on the second disc. Also, the disc is not remastered, or if it is, it doesn't sound as good as the Castle Music edition from earlier in 1999. So, The Deluxe Edition is a mixed blessing -- it's nice to have the bonus material easily available, but it's hard to tell whether that was worth having the flow of one of rock's most original and distinctive masterpieces interrupted so thoroughly.

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