Nação Zumbi

Rádio S.Amb.A [Bonus Tracks]

(CD - Stern's Africa / Stern's Brasil #STCD 2015)

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Rádio S.Amb.A is the first real album that Nação Zumbi recorded without their former bandleader Chico Science. The eclectic style of the group remains the same, and the sound of Rádio S.Amb.A comes across as a natural development of the sound on their previous albums, mixing different musical styles like maracatu, rap, funk, rock, hardcore, and even Latin rhythms. If anything, this record is even more experimental and adventurous than the preceding ones. Some tracks, like"Azougue," are dominated by the heavy beat of the tambours. Other tracks, like "Brasília" and "Quando a Maré Encher," are very aggressive and more hardcore based. On "Carimbó," the group manages to mix psychedelic guitar play with maracatu, and a nicely played flute is added on "Pela Orla Dos Tempos Velhos." One of the finer moments of the record is the melancholic instrumental track "Na Bala do Rio Salgado." There are also some guest appearances: Jeff Parker and Dan Bitney from Tortoise appear on the laid-back and Latin-influenced "Low-fi Dreams," and on one track Afrika Bambaataa contribute vocals. In spite of all the different styles mixed on the album, it gives a quite coherent and solid impression to listener.

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