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Review by Alvaro Neder

Lobão was one of the first artists of the so-called Brazilian rock style that blossomed in the '80s and had much of rock and little of Brazil. Lobão also brought the powerful drumming of samba schools to a mutually rewarding association with fuzzed-out guitars. Always an outsider, he fought the good battles, refusing to be in the Blitz success because it was too commercial, and threatening his relations with all labels because of the distribution of his CD through newsstands. This album, the tenth in his career, uses techo-pop to contest it. While his lyrics continue to be polemical, aggressive, and combative -- the best example being "Samba da Caixa Preta" -- the melodies have a distorted techno feel. The hypnotic drone of dance music with drum machines, programmable synthesizers, samplers, other technological gadgets, and the Prodigy influences are the target of his irony and hate.

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