Liquid G.

(LP - Dark Entries #DE 099LP)

Review by Paul Simpson

Liquidation is the first vinyl anthology of tracks by Belgian industrial artist Liquid G. (Peter Van Bogaert), who has been producing and releasing his own music since 1987. Utilizing an arsenal of Korg and Roland synthesizers as well as some rudimentary effects modules, the music is gritty, driving, and bleak, resembling a more stripped-down, punk-inspired version of the EBM template established by fellow Belgians Front 242 during the early '80s. Van Bogaert rarely deviates from his formula of thudding electronic drums, tense synthesizers, and distorted, shouted vocals (although some of the tracks are instrumentals), but he maintains a surprising amount of creativity for such a seemingly limited palette. "Inside--Outside" and "Short Circuit" demonstrate his sound at its most furious and paranoid, with frantic drums and soaring waves of synths, while the title track expresses his more politically oriented side, calling out several cities and countries before declaring them "all the same." "The Power Of..." channels the Normal, quoting the line "Quick, let's make love, before you die" from "Warm Leatherette," and revealing a hint of Van Bogaert's lustful side. Even though the album includes song titles such as "Pressure," "Selfdestruction," and "Suicide," he never gives in, keeping the tension level high and battling through social unrest and personal turmoil.

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