Infinity Girl

(Digital Download - Top Shelf Records #)

Review by Paul Simpson

Named after a late-'90s Stereolab song, Boston shoegaze band Infinity Girl bear little resemblance to that band's synth-heavy lounge pop. Instead, they have a late-'80s/early-'90s noise pop sound that combines effects-heavy guitars with clear, up-front vocals. My Bloody Valentine is an influence to be sure, but it's more the emotionally direct MBV of Isn't Anything than the sonic overload of Loveless. Infinity Girl's sound comes much closer to American shoegaze bands like Swirlies, Lilys, and Medicine than their British counterparts. The band has an exceptional control of dynamics, balancing fuzzy guitar effects with gentle vocals, and using synths sparingly. More often than not, their songs feel urgent rather than hazy, with standouts such as "Heavy" and "Dirty Sun" possessing a restless energy.

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