Give 'Em the Axe

Lizzy Borden

(12 inch Vinyl Single - Metal Blade #251866)

Review by Eduardo Rivadavia

Lizzy Borden's bid to become the '80s L.A. scene's glam metal response to Alice Cooper begins with this four-song EP, which, like that of rising contemporaries Ratt, would ironically remain a fan favorite thanks to its raw sound and street-hungry bravado. And with good reason, for it contained three surprisingly mature and well-conceived band originals -- not to mention an unexpected cover of Rainbow's "Long Live Rock'n'Roll" -- that displayed a greater appreciation for British heavy metal (mostly Judas Priest and Iron Maiden) than was typical of Lizzy Borden's fellow Hollywood glamsters. Both the title track and "Kiss of Death" delivered choruses as memorable as the eponymous frontman's horror flick schtick was captivating to younger listeners, unaware of Cooper; and the wildcard "No Time to Lose" even flirted with thrash with relative authority. All in all, these songs' made for an entertaining and promising debut for Lizzy Borden and crew.