Experiments in Incest

Shoc Corridor

(LP - Dark Entries #DE 100LP)

Review by Paul Simpson

On their 1983 debut LP Experiments in Incest, West London's Shoc Corridor blazed an icy path of chilly, sparse minimal synth pop, combining midtempo drum-machine beats with atmospheric synth pads and wayward vocals. The album's six-minute tracks seemed to float lightly rather than go for an immediate impact, distancing themselves from an overt punk influence. The album's most startling moment was "Artificial Horizon," which featured a percolating 4/4 beat and gently rippling guitars. The track eventually gained a following among in-the-know techno DJs, and was reissued along with new remixes as a 12" single in 2013. Elsewhere, the album ranged from the dripping, isolated instrumental "In an Empty Room" to brooding, moaning vocal numbers like "Iceberg" and "Travelling by Hand." After the album's release, the group shuffled its lineup and changed direction a bit, releasing a more accessible second LP with shorter, poppier songs in 1984, but the looser, more ethereal Experiments in Incest remains quietly ahead of its time.

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