Double Dead Redux [Yellow & Black Splatter Vinyl]

Six Feet Under

(LP - Back on Black #BOBV 895LPLTD)

Review by Stewart Mason

Six Feet Under are like death metal's outreach program to the more pop-oriented world of skatepunk and thrash. One of the few purely metallic bands to play the annual punk-poppy Vans Warped Tour, Six Feet Under specialize in punk-style short sharp shocks. Recorded live in the summer of 2002, most of these tracks are under three minutes long. As a result, the tunes are lethally tight, with little room for the sort of sub-Sabbath sludge that occasionally bogs down death metal. Chris Barnes sings in a variety of voices that sound downright comical to anyone over the age of 16, specializing in one song that sounds like Sesame Street's Grover trying to impersonate Barry White.