Don't Cry for Me Argentina [US CD Single]

(CD - Warner Bros. #43809)

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If anyone was going to make a Top 10 hit out of this song, it had to be Madonna. The original version, from the soundtrack to the film Evita (which starred, of course, Madonna and Antonio Banderas), was transformed from a ballad into a dance song. The soundtrack rocketed to number two, largely on the strength of the song, but uneducated consumers realized that the version on the album was not the version they heard on the radio and danced to in clubs. The record company released the maxi-single a little late, because the song only peaked at number eight, where, had it been released at the time of its highest popularity, it would have likely charted considerably higher. Regardless, the song was transformed into a passionate, flowing dance number, and Madonna gave a truly impassioned performance, which infuriated musical purists but delighted her fans and public alike. The single came with six mixes, all basically either extended or Spanglish versions of the same mix (and she gets kudos for making an effort for trying to pronounce the Spanish words correctly). The definitive single version is track three (the "Miami Mix Edit"). Track one and track two include the bridge tagged on to the ending (while track one's ending is much longer). A dub and an instrumental are included, and a single edit of the long Spanglish mix as well. Since the hit version of this song has yet to appear on any of her albums, this single is essential for the collectors.

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