The Killjoy Club

Reindeer Games

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Three 6 Mafia and the Insane Clown Posse are longtime family, going back to 2001 and their collaborative "Just Another Crazy Click" cut. Plus there were all the Three 6 Mafia, and later, Da Mafia Six appearances at ICP's annual festival the Gathering, so the two crew's team-up, Killjoy Club, is a long time coming. It's also just what should be expected when churlish chums reunite. In other words, on grim jokes alone, Reindeer Games beats the 2000 Ben Affleck bomb with which it shares a name. Plus, with Dirty South royalty DJ Paul sitting next to a line like "I'm a guru master, causer of disaster/Drink all flavors of Faygo so fuck Shasta!," it's either Billy Joel's prophetic "Rock 'n' Roll's a cola war" come to life or the Gathering all over, a Gathering that offers vibrant and lunkheaded rebel hedonism in any color the attendee prefers. A little hick-hop (Boondox's Stallone-loving appearance on "Rambo" doesn't count) and this one would have been hipster poison of the highest order, but this wasn't made for them. Reindeer Games is a worthy sideline release for the Hatchet-loving faithful or fun, frivolous stuff for the part-time cretin.

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1 1:53 Amazon
2 4:24 Amazon
feat: Kuma
4:40 Amazon
4 4:44 Amazon
5 3:47 Amazon
6 5:46 Amazon
7 5:14 Amazon
8 4:53 Amazon
9 3:25 Amazon
feat: K.O.M. / DJ Paul / T-Why
11 4:45
12 5:31 Amazon
13 4:05 Amazon
feat: K.O.M. / DJ Paul / T-Why
4:52 Amazon
15 3:29 Amazon
feat: K.O.M. / DJ Paul / T-Why
2:11 Amazon
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