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The duo responsible for a number of massive hits on the Oricon charts, Chemistry are perhaps better known for their success than for their specific musical works. Nonetheless, their success has a foundation in their relatively strong ballad writing, and their stronger abilities to both harmonize one another's vocals and to break into brief handoffs of solo lyrics in a back-and-forth manner. They can make the songs seem at least a bit original even when roughly retreading familiar grounds. There's little groundbreaking in Regeneration, but at the same time nothing wrong with the album. There are recognizable moments galore for fans of the duo -- the theme music to a pair of popular anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist's "Period" and Antique Bakery's "Life Goes On" (which was a successful single prior to the album's release). There are a couple of dance tracks that go off without any major complications. What the album is truly made of, though, is the standard J-pop ballad. Chemistry use the same basic keyboard riffs as everyone else, the same chord progressions, and the same lyrical content. However, they harmonize better than other bands. They emote just a bit more than the average boy band balladeers. They're eminently listenable on Regeneration, if a bit bland in concept.