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Someday I

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Ref 4 Review

by Richie Unterberger

"Melodic hardcore" seems to be a phrase reviewers find hard to resist when describing Someday I's music, and indeed the music is more melodic than much punk. That doesn't mean it's that melodic; hardcore, or most forms of punk rock, almost by definition doesn't get too tuneful. Still, on their second album, the band does throw in plenty of fairly effective twisting riffs and quirky (certainly for punk), unpredictable time changes, though not the standard sort that hits are made of. That would be selling out, remember? Seriously, the band is uncompromising without being too musically inflexible, though they are unrelentingly serious, perhaps too much so. Singer-guitarist John Meredith has said that the material was inspired by the pressures of grinding-out, high-octane indie rock on the road and in the studio. While you probably wouldn't pick up on this unless you listened to the words very intently (though it's there to read in some of the small-print lyrics in the sleeve), there's certainly a heavy streak of rail-against-the-world despair, though in a more subtle and aware fashion than in most pop-influenced punk records. It's definitely there to hear in the epic "Live Through This Record," an almost uncomfortably auteurish narrative of trying to make meaningful music and doubting whether the message can ever get through, and struggling to keep feeling the music keenly instead of going through the motions. Actually there's a little too much unremitting self-doubt and anguish for its own good, whether you're intrigued by that concept or not, though its execution is more complex, imaginative, and heartfelt than those of many bands working the same sonic realm.

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