Red Planet

Red Planet, Vol. 7: Firekeeper

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The Red Planet catalog is full of monster anthems with epic lengths, inescapable melodies, driving rhythms, and progressive constructions. Of the many anthems, which include "Stardancer" and "Windwalker," none compare to the colossal power of "Firekeeper." As with most songs by the Martian, "Firekeeper" is loaded with synthesizers; the main riff, the melodic hook, the buildups, and the breakdowns are all composed on a synthesizer. At various points, three or even four layers of synthesizers are stacked atop one another, each functioning differently to either keep the rhythm pumping or to push the anthem to euphoric heights. The brilliance of "Firekeeper" rests in how it is always building and teasing, only delivering its foreshadowed potential at certain key segments. Similar in nature, the B-side is an intense song called "Vortexal Conceptions," which also spends the majority of its five-minute duration building towards a peak, but one that isn't quite as satisfying as that of "Firekeeper."