Brigitte Handley

Red Hot & Blue

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A sad moment comes when this short compilation comes to an end. The only thing to do is loop the EP over and over again, because there is a need to hear these tunes again and again. The music is so fresh and invigorating that it brings sunshine into a world that can sometimes bring one down. Isn't this what entertainment is for, to bring one into a realm where they can forget those troubles that can weigh one down way too much? Thanks to Brigitte Handley and her band, this escape is readily available by simply putting the EP into the player. When one listens to the EP and fully experiences the musical extravaganza that is performed, one will feel an overwhelming urge to contact Brigitte Handley and plead for a full album of her exciting charismatic compositions. By all means, if the urge is there, follow through. All will benefit by letting her know that more of this fantastic music is wanted. The EP kicks off with some great guitar riffs and a driving bassline that keep "Go like 60" in a strong forward motion. The vocals are sizzling and smoking, perfectly suited to the Rockabilly style. This is great dance music that's guaranteed to get the juke joint jumping. The amazing drum technician needs to be mentioned for his amazing fills and solid boogie beat. "Gonna Back up Baby" is a bluesy rockabilly gem that allows Brigitte Handley to cut loose on her vocals, and fear not, she knows how to grab the attention. This is sweet music that is going to bring people back to Rockabilly to stay. "Rockin Lady" is an excellent display of creative lyric writing and creative song structure as well. The song remains in the Rockabilly style but there is an originality in the phrasing and a colorful sound that make for an exciting listening experience. The band is musically tight and Brigitte Handley's vocals are ace. Another exciting and uptempo number, "Wildman," has a surf, country-rock and rockabilly blend. The vocal expressiveness used by Brigitte Handley gives this song that certain, "Mule Skinner Blues" à la the Fendermen-esque delightful playfulness. Music of this nature is designed to put the listener in a lighter more jovial frame of being. Brigitte Handley and company have accomplished this mission one hundred percent. Move the furniture, clear a space to get down and groove to the Red Hot & Blue Rockabilly styling of a fantastic Rocka-Philly crooner, Brigitte Handley.