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Canadian DJ Ghislain Poirier, who has one of the best shows in Montreal, a monthly gig at the club Zoobizarre called Bounce le Gros (which is a more polite way of saying "bounce your big ass"), and has already released a handful of solo albums, has also just started his own label, Rebondir Records, for which Rebondir EP is the first release. For an EP, it's a pretty decent length, with nine songs, and only one is a remix ("Robe de Chambre," featuring rappers Omnikrom). Poirier is definitely in full club mode on Rebondir (in the best of senses), with thick, meandering beats that concentrate on the low-middle range and good funky upper-end accents. Not that the bass is being ignored; don't worry. It's there, and it makes sure its presence is known in a big way, especially in "Bounce-Moi," which pretty much serves no other purpose than to incite bodily movement. But Poirier's more than about dancing: he's a good producer, too, and in the songs that feature vocals, he drops the bass out a little to let his urban-jungle beats collide with the guest rappers' flow. Omnikrom, who rhyme in Quebecois, has a course style that resonates well -- in a kind of dissonant way -- with Poirier's nearly spastic beats, and when Mush Records' Radioinactive shows up on the short "Propaganda" (which is, incidentally, listed incorrectly, switched with "Pou Ki Sa Dub" on the label but not on the actual record), Poirier calms down his own beats, keeping only a simple bassline and the occasional eerie synthesizer in order to mesh with the MC's more melodic delivery. "Poi Ki Sa Dub" even has a neo-reggae feel that Poirier creates with a slow rumbling bass and chilled-out echo to fit with Nik Myo's singing. Rebondir EP definitely has a computerized feel, but it's strange and gritty enough that it doesn't sound detached and mechanized. It's a great example of what Poirier is capable of and what he's willing to try now that he has his own label; the future should be just as exciting.

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