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This CD serves up an edited chronicle of the Radiotopia project presented during the open air Klangpark as part of the 2002 Ars Electronica Festival. An on-site/online event, it involved live artists, contributing artists from other locations (linked over telephone or the Internet), and Internet surfers pitching in source material from a specially designed website. The CD has been compiled by Rupert Huber in a form that stands somewhere between a selection of highlights and a more faithful (as in representative) breakdown of the many phases of this five-day event. Participating artists include Andres Bosshard, Lorenzo Brusci, Lukas Ligeti, Alexander Balanescu, Isabella Bordoni, Pamela Z, and Joachim Schnaitter. Their separate contributions have been collaged together into the radio art-like pieces "Soirée," "Monday Session," and "Opening Klangpark" (each over ten minutes in duration). "Johann Krawalli" and "Thursday Afternoon" are Huber's recompositions of what went on on the website. "Sam&Bruce" documents the impromptu contribution of O+A (Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger), who parked their architectural recording box in Klangpark during the festival. The music throughout the album is made of tiny shards of sound -- the shards the artists used and those Huber kept and rearranged. It makes for a disorienting listen in which the diversity of the sound sources and musical approaches (Pamela Z's vocal pieces, a phone-in song by a singer from Burkina Faso, Ligeti's electronic percussion, all the digital file processing) is somewhat flattened by Huber's all-encompassing rewriting. Of course that was part of the plan, but in the end Radiotopia (the album) illustrates how difficult and treacherous it can be to boil down five days of work to a single compact disc.